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Sunday, March 22, 2015

KDU Dota 2 Tournament 2013 @ KDU College Penang

Sunday, March 22, 2015 - by Ben Boyagin ·

The rising popularity of electronic game tournaments has brought excitements to online game lovers around the world. This is definitely the case to the younger generations of the 21st century, especially when the name DOTA 2 is involved.

Developed by the Valve Corporation, DOTA 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game played via a local area network (LAN) and is a cross-platform and free-to-play game. Due to its immense popularity amongst the youth, the Computing and IT Department of KDU Penang recently organized a KDU DOTA 2 Game Tournament on the 25th – 29th of October 2013 to induce a more experiential fun learning environment for the institution computer programming students.

The entertaining event saw 40 participants team up for a highly team oriented match up which heavily depends on the players’ cooperation to win the game. As such, the tournament also aimed to discover teams with the ability to cope with real-time strategy planning as well as to promote cooperative learning between team mates in achieving goals. Besides that, it also encouraged participants to think spontaneously in effectively managing resources, items and abilities during game play.
The final game on the 29th of October ended at 5.30pm with supporters cheering and applauding happily for the winning team. Team “Hello Kitty” comprising of Sannit Eong, LohLi Foong, Cheng Yong Jian, Chng Kok Liang, Ong Yu Zhou and Lee Wen Jian successfully emerged champion for the event and walked away with 5 DOTA 2 Cosmetic sets, 10 Treasure Keys and branded goodies sponsored by Oracle Corporation.

Second prize meanwhile went to team “5 Talented Boys” while team “The Flaming Marshmallows”came up third prize winners. Both 2nd and 3rd prize winners received 5 Treasure keys plus DOTA 2 merchandise and t-shirts sponsored by Oracle Corporation respectively.

Friday, March 20, 2015

XiaoTian(小田) Returns With Only Few New Uploads

Friday, March 20, 2015 - by Ben Boyagin ·

In the previous post, I wrote an article about XiaoTian was being banned on Youtbe from uploading videos. On the March 20, 2:00 PM in the evening (GMT 8+), XiaoTian made up a notice about his new channel: 小田.

XiaoTian Is Back

It is not surprise that we don't see any updates of 综艺大热门 and 国光帮帮忙 but at least the channel is back again with few varieties of Taiwan TV shows available.

I noticed that XiaoTian actually "upgraded" himself and make his channel even more decent than it used to be. First off, he uploaded a profile picture. Although it's a tv logo show of 天才冲冲冲, but compared to the blue man Youtube default picture, it is better than nothing.

Secondly, he linked up his Google+ to this new channel. The first post of his Google+ was posted on Feb 1, 2014 and has been inconsistently updating until Sept 19, 2014. He is now back again and posted the first update of year 2015 which is on March 20, 2015 at 7:43 PM.

XiaoTian New Youtube Channel

If the bio on his Google+ is real, I'll have to assume that he is a university student who stays in Taipei, Taiwan. Besides that, there are two people in his circles, one is official "Google+" and another one is called "爽拿肌樂噴老二". This inevitably make us suspect that 爽拿肌樂噴老二 could be the real identity behind XiaoTian(小田)?

What do you think? Well, we should be thankful to such a fellow who uploads videos and we're there to watch'em all for free.

BuildingComputer #3 Choosing A Motherboard

- by Ben Boyagin ·

A motherboard (MOBO) plays an important role in the computer system. That is why there are so many options available in the market nowadays. Let us get into the straight points that you need to know when it comes to purchasing a motherboard.
Compatible Socket!
In the previous post, I've mentioned about choosing a most appropriate and suitable CPU for your needs. Now take note that not all motherboards support the same CPU. CPU can be categorized differently by their sockets. And within these particular sockets, you will find your way on deciding which motherboard you should get. Now this is very important, please always double check if you're not sure whether are you on the right socket. These sockets are absolutely fragile so you do not want to kill your CPU!

For example, if you decided to get Intel i5-4570k/i7-4770k CPU, then you will need a LGA1150 motherboard. If you decided to get AMD FX-8350, then an AMD3+ motherboard is what you need. It's that hard to identify it's socket, just read the specification and it should be written on it.

How to check your CPU socket?
Google is your best friend. Just in case you don’t know what to search, simply type in “ [CPU BRAND] socket” on the Google search bar and you will be able to find it out. Intel i3-2100 socket.

Are you an Overclockers?
Next, decide if you are going to overclock your CPU/GPU. Some motherboards perform very well at overclocking. They give a decent overclocking result that you could get and yet still hitting the max stability without putting your CPU at risk. So if you’re planning to overclock your CPU or GPU, you might want to get a good motherboard that performs well at overclocking. Basically, most of the new boards are overclocking ready, you will be able to push the performance of the CPU, unless you are a HARDCORE overclocker.

As myself, I overclocked my FX 6100 from 3.3 Ghz at stock speed to 4.7 Ghz. I can even push it further to 5 Ghz but I don’t want my coolers to be running at full speed all the time, so I decide rather not to burn my CPU.

What is Overclocking? 
AMD CrossfireX
According to Wikipedia, Overclocking is the process of making a computer or component operate faster than the clock frequency specified by the manufacturer by modifying system parameters (hence the name "overclocking"). Operating voltages may also be changed (increased), which can increase the speed at which operation remains stable. Most overclocking techniques increase power consumption, generating more heat, which must be dispersed if the chip is to remain operational.

Are you on SLI? CrossfireX?
I try to make it as simple as I could. SLI is a technology by Nvidia while CrossfireX is by ATI (for AMD graphics cards). By these technology solutions, you can install multi-GPU on your system to increase your graphic performance. Do take note that SLI and CrossfireX can only be done by using SAME mutliple Gpu. If you have a GTX 780 and you will need another GTX 780 only to do the SLI solution.

Does PCI-Express 3.0 matter a lot?
At least for now, PCI-E 3.0 doesn't seem quite much important at all. Yes I agree that installing a Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 on a PCI-E 3.0 performs slightly better at FPS compare to PCI-E 2.0 while gaming but certainly not quite much just a 1-5fps. Here’s the link of some benchmarks that show the differences between PCI-E 2.0 and PCI-E 3.0. You will notice that PCI-E 3.0 doesn’t seem really useful lately, but who knows in the future?

Back I/O Panel
Do the USB ports are enough for you?
Personally I'm using 10 USB ports at my back panel. So briefly decide that how many USB ports you are going to be using. You may notice most of the USB ports that come with new motherboard are some in blue. These are USB 3.0. It performs 10x faster than the standard USB 2.0.

Go Next-Gen and Advanced?
USB 3.1 Type C? M.2 SSD? Sorry if I sound a little bit bias but these are all for enthusiast only. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

XiaoTian(小田) Banned on Youtube Due To Copyrighted Issues

Thursday, March 19, 2015 - by Ben Boyagin ·

小田 (XiaoTian) has been one of my favorite Youtube channel for many years and it meant so important to my lay back time, it is probably the same to you. Besides XiaoTian, I have not seen any Youtube channels constantly update the most popular Taiwan TV shows like  综艺大热门, 国光帮帮忙, 综艺玩很大, 天才冲冲冲, 爱玩客 and many more in 1080p Full HD resolution!
On the 18th of May, when I was about to find out some new videos uploaded on 小田's Youtube Channel like usual, the latest video was "2015 03 16 綜藝大熱門 " and none any newer was uploaded. That moment I thought when the beautiful sun still rises and happily clicked into the video and BOOM, Youtube shows me a message which I hate to see the most of all time.

Sanlih E-TV (三立电视台) is one of the top TV station in Taiwan. Unfortunately, the company decided to make a report to Youtube upon privacy violation. XiaoTian declares the reason in the description box of the video and notifies the subscribers that all videos will no longer being uploaded on the channel except for "综艺玩很大" and "天才冲冲冲". He mentions about all shows torrents can be downloaded from TorrenTGui which is a closed platform (forum) for downloading torrent. The closed platform means that there is no registration for all new users. The only way to enter and gain access to the forum is by getting invited by your friend who is already a member of TorrentGui.

Calm yoh tits my friends. You can still watch your favorite shows on the internet but it will not be as convenient as on Youtube. I will tell you how to find out alternative channels on Youtube and other platforms which you can still watch all of them.

1) You Can Still Watch The Old Episodes.
As mentioned above. You can still enjoy the old shows.

2) Searching for Alternative Channels (Youtube)
小田 isn't the only one who uploads the shows, there are several "ghost" channels are uploading the same thing, but not as constant and not in Full HD res—— worst. I'm afraid I can't list out the Youtube channels because by raising the exposure of these channels isn't a good thing for them. Use the search engine on Youtube and Google, it might take awhile if you don't know the keywords but you will definitely explore something good.

3) MapleStage
MapleStage is largest TVs/Dramas streaming website. It streams through Flash Players such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vidme and etc. You can also watch Hong Kong, Chinese, Korean dramas and documentaries on MapleStage too.

Are you one of the 82k subscribers of XiaoTian? How do you feel now? Any alternatives where you can continue catching up all Taiwan TV shows on the Internet? Let us know down in the comment!

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